Celebrity Portrait | Grace Bol

Grace Bol, genuinely beautiful on the inside and out.

Grace Bol

When I first met Grace, we were both living and working in New York. The last few years I spent living in Manhattan are some of my favorites because of friends like her. We kept in touch when I left to the city to move to The Bahamas, and she said something that rings so true for international friendships. 

“Time flies, but we never fly..” <3

With direct flights from Nassau to NYC, it can be quite easy to plan a weekend trip. On my last visit to New York, I brought my camera and Grace became my muse for the day so that I could practice a few portrait photography techniques while hanging out at our photography location in Central Park. I used a mix of natural light and flash photography to experiment with different styles.

Grace is officially an Angel and will walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show this coming November! We couldn’t be more excited for her and will be cheering her on from here! xoxo