Model Portfolio | Paige Short Part 1

Fashion & Swimwear photography at the beach in the Bahamas featuring U.K. model, Paige Short. 

Model portfolio-building shoots are without a doubt one of my favorite projects to work on. They take me back to when I was 15 and just starting out as a model. Test shoots allow for creative photography and give new models the chance to learn and perfect their movements for campaigns and magazine shoots ahead of them.

Newly discovered Paige Short was a delight to work with! Since being scouted by her London agency earlier this year she has modeled for Jimmy Choo and walked for a number of top designers at London Fashion Week. 

Paige found me while on a family vacation in the Bahamas by searching online for fashion & editorial photographers in Nassau. After being contacted by Paige, we messaged back and forth and went over the photography style that she was looking for. 

After creating the concept and reviewing the outfits she had brought with her on vacation, we set up multiple photo shoots at different beach locations and one additional beauty shoot with a professional Bahamas Makeup Artist. 

The idea was to capture swimwear and fashion photography that Paige could use to add variety to her growing modeling portfolio. This was Paige’s first swimwear photo shoot at the Beach in the Bahamas, so Before we started, I ran Paige through some fashion model posing tips.

We ran through a few ideas for different shots and I showed her how to find what photographers call the “Key Light” during a photo shoot. The Key Light is your main light source, and in this case, it was the sun since we were working with natural light. 

As we started photographing our first look, a colorful two-piece bikini it was evident that Paige was a natural at following directions. The slightest shift of the hips, or tilt of the head is all it takes to adjust posing and she picked up on my posing cues. We quickly formed a connection through the camera, and as we progressed to our second and third looks the poses became more fluid and natural. 

Model: Paige Short 
Agency: Body London
Photography: Robyn Damianos
Bikini: Kiini
Black two-piece swimsuit: American Apparel
Striped Top: TopShop

Sneak peak, behind the scenes from Day 2 - new post on the way soon! :)