Bahamas Lifestyle Photography | Part 1

Every time I walk on any beach in the Bahamas, I’m reminded of how lucky I am as a photographer in Nassau to be able to regularly shoot in these exquisite locations. With my camera bag, sunscreen, and a beach towel in hand, I headed to one of the most beautiful beaches in New Providence to meet international Brazilian model, Ariane Marques. 

The idea behind the shoot would be to capture new fashion and swimwear images for Arianne’s modeling portfolio. The shoot would cover a range of photography styles, including editorial fashion, commercial advertising, lifestyle, and portraits.

We started with a styling consultation, going over Ariane’s makeup, hairstyle and outfit options. We kept her overall look natural, with very little makeup and natural hair styling. The plan was to wet her hair in the ocean at the very end to add more of an editorial style to the swimwear photos. Browsing through the dresses, swimwear, and accessories that Ariane had pulled from her closet, we styled each look with accessories and headed to our location. Our first choice was a gorgeous leopard print dress which she would wear barefoot on the beach. 

We picked out a vibrant red bikini for the swimwear portion of the shoot. Below are just a few of my favorite shots, and you can view the rest in my swimwear portfolio. I really loved how the vibrant colors added to the fun commercial vibe we were after. In post-production, I experimented with a few different color styles. With the magic of Photoshop, we could change the swimwear to any color and give Ariane more variety for her modeling portfolio. 

Changing the color of the swimsuit from red, to pink, to turquoise added more variety in the final selection of photos.

Click to view larger.

We took a quick break in the middle of the shoot and reviewed the photos that we had captured so far. The one thing that I really love about shooting with digital DSLR cameras is that you can view the results instantly on an iPad and share them with the client. Reviewing the photos during the shoot gives the model a chance to check their hair, makeup, and posing. It also helps to give them an idea of what the overall vibe and direction that the photos will have at the end.

Happy with the results, we moved onto part 2 which was to focus on commercial, advertising, travel & lifestyle photography. 

More to come in Part 2! ☺️