Babymoon | The Ocean Club, a Four Seasons Resort

“Watch carefully the magic that occurs when you give a person just enough comfort, to be themselves”.

Bringing out inner beauty during a photo shoot is all about making your subject feel comfortable and confident in front of the lens. When the lovely Julia told me that she hadn’t done any professional modeling before, I set aside some time before the beginning of the shoot to give her a mini-lesson on posing. 

Guiding my clients through a range of poses is one of my strengths as a model turned photographer. Knowing how to move and conveying confidence in front of the camera comes easily to models with years of experience, but when it’s your first time having professional photos taken in a swimsuit you may find yourself unsure of what to do. 

The focus of the model posing lesson is to show the client how to move naturally in front of the camera. No one wants stiff and cheesy over-posed photos. The smallest details like where to place your hands, or which foot your leaning most of your weight can have such an impact on your posture and how the photos turn out.

We started the day with a wardrobe consultation at her hotel, the Four Seasons Resort on Paradise Island. The two key looks we chose for the beach photographer session were a classic black bikini and a bright yellow one-piece swimsuit. I knew the yellow would look striking against the clear blue sky and ocean backdrops, while the black bikini would photograph well both in color and black & white. 

As I directed Julia through each pose, showing her the exact movements step by step, it was a joy to see her warm up to the camera and her confidence shine. After finishing up with the swimwear photos, we headed back to the Four Seasons hotel to meet up with her husband. Julia changed into a beautiful star patterned dress we had picked out for the “Love Story” photos. After a quick hair & makeup check, we were ready to go. 

Julia’s husband joined us for the rest of the portrait session and we spent around 30 minutes in the hotel gardens capturing their love for one another. In my opinion, the Cloisters at the Four Seasons Resort are one of the best locations in Nassau for romantic couples photography sessions. As sunset approached, we headed back to the beach for some final shots just before the light faded.

Location: The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, Paradise Island.
Hairstylist: Aseel Nixon.
Photographer: Robyn Damianos.
Swimwear: Ayra Swim