Engagement Photography at the SLS Baha Mar Resort in The Bahamas

Proposing on a beach in the Bahamas is always magical, but when the moment is going to be a surprise it takes everything to a whole new level! 

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

I couldn’t have been more excited when I first read Shaun’s email requesting to setup a surprise proposal and engagement photography session for his beautiful girlfriend Maura. We emailed back and forth to work out the details and logistics of him proposing to Maura at the newly opened Baha Mar Hotel. The beaches we wanted to use are popular, so it was my job as their engagement photographer to find the perfect spot to create an intimate, genuine photo of the big moment.

On shoot day, I met up with Shaun & his lovely fiance to be Maura in the lobby of the SLS Baha Mar Hotel. The Bahamas Baha Mar Resort is the newest luxury resort to open in Nassau, and a wonderful choice in the Bahamas for young couples. Since it opened it’s been a popular destination for celebrities, models and influencers. 

Keeping the upcoming proposal a secret, we discussed ideas and outfit options for what Maura believe to be a “Couples Vacation photoshoot”. I succeeded in containing my excitement for what was really going to happen as soon as we reached the beach. 

 I always suggest to my clients that they consider changing outfits mid-way through the photoshoot. Keeping in mind the types of photography backgrounds that were available for us to use around the hotel, we styled Maura in outfits that were sure to pop against the chosen backgrounds. One of her dresses was a vibrant orange which we decided would be worn during the proposal moment. Afterward, she would change into a more casual vacation outfit, striped pants, and a white top. For Shaun, we all agreed on a classic white linen shirt with navy blue pants.

We headed to the beach just in time to take advantage of what photographers call the golden hour light. Positioning the couple next to the ocean, I stepped back to check the scenery and make sure that the lighting was perfect before setting up my composition for their proposal photo. 

Feeling this was the moment, I gave Shaun the secret signal and he turned on the romance by dropping to one knee before Maura. The beautiful moment was everything we had hoped for, and after I had captured the shot, I stepped back to give the happy couple a little space to taken it all in. 

When they were ready, the couple waved me over and I was greeted by beaming smiles from the newly engaged couple. The joy was contagious, and last for the entire session as we moved around the hotel capturing their romance and love on this special day.