Bon Vivants | Advertising Photography

Produced and Photographed in Nassau Bahamas, the Bon Vivants 2020 campaign features the latest in mixology.

Bon Vivants is the first true craft cocktail bar in the Bahamas. By day it’s a cafe serving locally roasted coffees, fresh iced and hot teas, all that accompaniment with locally baked pastries. By night the bar is buzzing with the sounds of jazz and bartenders creating and pouring new inventive cocktails that are served in glasses with themes that will surely bring you back to your youth. 

As soon as you walk inside, you know you have found a real gem on the island of Nassau. The decor is eclectic with vintage newspaper clippings, a mixture of unique wallpapers and fabrics all adding a touch of Bahamian and Colonial charm. With our first project for 2020 ahead we were intrigued by the process and end results. We were lucky enough to capture action shots of the mixologists fusing these fun, trendy drinks. 

The first and one of our favorite to photograph was:

“Boogie on Reggae woman,” an island cocktail made with rum served in a fun glass with edible flowers. This particular shot was the most fun to capture, freeze-framing the ice as it jumps out of the bartender’s ice scoop. 

“The Smurfette,” which is an iced blue adult beverage made with Tequila, Blue Curacao, Fresh Lime, Agave Nectar, Coconut Milk, and a splash of Orange Bitters. It’s Smurf-tastic. We had a blast capturing the magical blue beverage.

“Unicorn Tears,” a purple-tinted gin cocktail with a twist. Watching the lavender bitters ooze through the gin reminded me of a lava lamp. 

We had fun with the Bon Vivants team capturing the bartenders in their element. Stay tuned for part 2, featuring more of their intricately designed cocktails!