Bahamas Fashion Photography | Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, Lifestyle Photography featuring international Brazilian model Ariane Marques.

After a five minute walk, we reached a different part of the beach. Here we had more space and tall palm trees to work with. 

Ariane changed into a simple white bikini for her last outfit, and by wetting her hair in the ocean it took on more of a wild, beachy style. We wanted to create more of an editorial vibe for these photos which would be different to what we captured earlier in the day. I’m torn between choosing color or black & white for these photos!

We moved to the last location on the beach which was in the shadow of some very tall coconut trees. I loved the way the palm trees were casting shadows across the sand. As soon as I spotted the shadows, I knew that I wanted them to fill the camera frame as a backdrop for Ariane’s last shots.