LUCY’S Magazine | Bahamas Fashion Editorial Photography

I am so proud to have this project published in LUCY’S Magazine - June 2019 issue published in print & online. 🎉

TEAL” Photography by Robyn Damianos for LUCY’S Magazine. Dress: Navashion.

Founded in 2013 by Romana Atkin, LUCY’S Magazine features fashion & beauty editorials by both established and emerging creatives from across the globe. LUCY’S is published seven times a year in Print and is also available online. 

My inspiration for this project came from my love for high-fashion and statement pieces in what most people would consider a far-away, laid-back island destination. The 700 islands of the Bahamas offer breathtaking scenery drawing the eyes of photographers, high profile brands, and creative teams from all over the world. With so many high profile clients flying in entire production teams to The Bahamas, many don’t realize the hidden talent that can be found in the creatives, designers, and models who grew up here and call the islands home. 

Magazine photography Left: Navashion | Right: Shop The CC.

I moved from Nassau to London at the age of 15 when I was scouted by Select Model Management. After 10 years of modeling overseas, I moved back home to this beautiful country and followed my passion in photography. My main goal since moving home and making the career move into professional photography has been to give the creative industry and passionate professionals I meet blooming in Nassau the opportunity for International exposure on the world stage. LUCY’s Magazine is a well-known publication, favored among commercial production agencies, modeling agencies, and fashion clients looking for emerging talent and artists.

Magazine photography Left: Bahama Hand Prints, Cici Jewelry | Right: Theodore Elyett

At the start of 2019, I gathered a strong creative team, all of whom I have worked with before on various projects. With a few notes and ideas shared on WhatsApp, we were all on the same page when it came to the project goal and creative direction. 

Magazine Photography Left: Raphelita | Right: The Collectibles

My pre-shoot mood board consisted of reflective styles and pops of color that I hoped would enhance the turquoise ocean, sunlight and vibrant backdrops at the photoshoot location. I gave our stylist Lavonne, founder of Shop The CC creative freedom when it came to styling each look. We pulled from our favorite Bahamian designers who specialize in island luxury, including Bahama Hand Prints, Theodore Eyelet, Navashion, LIVI Resort Wear, Raphelita, along with a few emerging international brands. I wanted to create a story that captured our love for eye-catching designs that look just as great on the beach as they do in a major fashion capital like New York or Paris. Our accessories were sourced from Cici Jewelry, Sabrina’s Shop and Shop the CC.

Magazine Photography Left: Sauipe Swim | Right: LIVI Resort Wear.

I gave artists Gigi Lenora and Nestaea Sealy the lead in creating a range of hair and makeup styles. Shooting outdoors in a tropical location like The Bahamas guarantees heat & humidity on set, which can lead to melting makeup and uncontrollable hair. I always make sure to plan enough time in the schedule between each look for hair & makeup touchups, but It always helps to have professionals with the right experience when working in such challenging environments. Their final looks complimented one another, followed my mood board suggestions and enhancing the natural beauty of our Bahamian model, Jessica Frances Thompson. 

Extra Image featuring Bahamian Designer, Theodore Elyett

Jessica and I have worked together many times in the past, and I had always wanted to shine a light on her potential for editorial fashion. She’s has such a strong presence and transitions naturally between commercial work, beauty and high-fashion magazine shoots. Recently signing with CMM Agency and Next Miami, Jessica is one to watch in the international fashion scene for 2020.

Extra image featuring Bahamian Designer,  Raphelita

I am thankful for the connections and friendships I have built so far since moving back to this beautiful country. It just goes to show that when you believe in yourself and trust your team, everything can come together and bring a vision to life. Shooting from sunrise to sunset, and having a tone of fun the entire time, every one put in the time and energy required to take this fashion shoot to the next level.

Extra image featuring Bahamian Designer, LIVI Resort Wear.

A special thank you to Old Fort Bay club for granting us access to one of the most beautiful private clubs in the entire of the Bahamas.  

Behind The Scenes!

Team Credits:

Magazine: LUCY’S Magazine. June 2019 issue published in print & online. You can purchase a copy through MagCloud, or read the publication on

Photography & Creative Production: Robyn Damianos

Model: Jessica Frances Thompson at CMM and Next Miami

Stylist: La’Vonne Alexis 

Hair Stylist: Gigi Lenora

Makeup Artist: Nestase Beauty

Production Assistant: Rasheed Pickstock, every photographer’s dream assistant 💖

Featured Bahamian Designers:

  • Raphelita

Featured Boutiques: