Bahamas Photography & Production

The islands of the Bahamas offer breathtaking backdrops featured in photography & film all over the world. With over 700 islands to choose from, location choices are endless. 

Production Management

Experience is key when planning a commercial photoshoot in the Bahamas. Robyn Damianos Photography can assist with everything, from concept, casting, location scouting, through to final image selection & delivery. Our network consists of local leading industry professionals. We can provide you with Models, Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists, Videographers, Fashion Stylists, Set Design and various production services.


I know how it feels to be in front of the lens at a commercial photoshoot. One of my strengths is knowing how to connect with, and pose models on set. I understand how to make the subject feel natural & confident while creating inspirational imagery that will help market my clients in the direction they want their brand to go.

Rates & Custom Quotes

Commercial photography assignments vary greatly, depending on the time needed, scale of the job, location and production requirements. Our prices are certainly competitive and our rates are available by the hour, half day or full day.  Get in touch using the contact form to discuss rates, scheduling & more.  

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Please provide a complete and detailed description of the assignment for an accurately estimated quote (such as the date, concept, the (approximate) number of images, production requirements, and the intended usage).

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